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Honor the memory and preserve 
the legacy of your loved ones 
with a special Life Tribute 

Why do a Video Tribute for your loved one? 



It is very therapeutic to speak about your loved one 


Experts say that doing a tribute, is a therapeutic emotional release for a grieving loved one. Often what happens when we lose a loved one is: feelings of sadness, anger, gratitude and love get displaced in the body. Putting together a video tribute is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and feelings, express your gratitude and move forward in your own heart. 


It is a great way for you to better understand their life story 


Often it is not until we really focus on learning about the life path of our loved one, that we better understand the essence of who they are. There is so much we don't know about our loved ones -- despite how much we cared for them. Putting together a video tribute is a worthwhile exercise to understand the vital components of their life: Where they came from, Their struggles, their triumphs and ultimately, what shaped them into the extraordinary person they were. The best part of doing a video tribute is often the amazing opportunity to get to know your Parents and Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Brothers, Sisters and dearest friends, in a deep and meaningful way. 


It is a wonderful way to immortalize your loved one 


Doing a digital video tribute will ensure that the life and legacy of your departed loved one will live on forever.



It is a great way to have future generations carry their legacy 


Doing tribute is an amazing way to share the life story of your loved one with future generations. What an amazing gift for grandchildren and great grandchildren, so they will know their roots and how they came to be. 


It is a great way to inspire the world 


Sometime we see documentaries about famous people and we are transfixed by their stories. But we often forget that each and every human being is a compelling story, worth telling. What we find when we explore the lives of everyday people is: Their lives are often much more interesting than our favorite Hollywood stars. What could be a better feeling than sharing the life story of your loved one, to inspire the world. 



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Package  #3 Animation 


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