Wall storms out of the gate with a unique book of lyrical poems and pearls of wisdom

In The Wisdom of Wall, the Toronto-born writer storms out of the gate with his first published work of poetry. 


Wall engages a wide range of topics in his work: Human existence, social and political unrest, love, romance, spirituality, religion and much more. He explores the world and the human condition with a sharp wit, an acute sense of irony and a mysterious sixth sense.  


In The Wisdom of Wall, we find a complex mind in search for identity, lost memories, purpose and transcendence amid a dizzying gust of existential curiosity. Lyrical masterpieces like,  Big Break, On the Edge of Here, The Good Guys, One Holy Mess, An Inconvenient Truth, The Way You Deserve and A Better Road invite the reader deep into the psyche of a soul searching poet, as he rides the fine edge of utter despair and eternal hope.


Wall's raw, confessional style, gloomy depictions, emotional immediacy and understated profundity, make him one of Canada's most compelling lyrical poets. Dubbed “the young sage” by various publishers he has worked for, Wall writes with a maturity well beyond his years.


He wields his pen like a knife, cutting to the deepest caverns of hope, fear, love, regret and many other universal human emotions. He is skilled at using humour to unravel the truth behind absurdity and injustice. Wall's mastery rests on a rare ability to craft short poems that weave together poignant ideas, in a seemingly disjointed narrative, eventually leading the reader to a place of deep truth. 


In Part 2 of the book, referred to as Pearls, Wall graciously hands the reader the keys to his life-long diary of wisdom. This section is packed with indispensable nuggets of truth, carefully distilled through the authors inimitable breadth. In this section of the book, the reader is sure to find profound insight into life, love and the pursuit of happiness. 


Wall’s charisma and distinct nasal baritone voice enable him to delight audiences with live, passionate readings of his work. He is booked out regularly for speaking engagements through his North American agents. For more info, please go to  


Rizzoli Books  / 1133 Broadway, New York, NY                     March 20/2018
Barnes and Noble / 97 Warren St. / New York                      March 21/2018


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