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Ieden Wall is an award winning poet, journalist, keynote speaker and media producer. He burst onto the scene in the early 90's with his reality/comedy show called "The Dream Chaser".  Wall created, directed and produced the Toronto-based series. David Miller, the mayor of Toronto, called the show "a brilliant mix of humour and humanity." 


Before throwing himself into the media full time, Wall was heavily involved in property leasing. He worked in sales and marketing roles for Minto, Greenwin and Oxford. A gifted sales professional, Wall was a top performer at all 3 major property management companies.  


Wall's creative journey officially started at Northern Secondary in Toronto, where he created, hosted and produced a live after-school talk show. Ambitious beyond his years, the 15- year-old host parlayed his project into a fundraiser for The United Way . During the show's run, Wall interviewed Canada's best known celebrities.


The show raised over $3000.00 in ticket sales.


After high school, Wall was hired to host and produce his own prime-time youth magazine on Rogers TV called "Off the Wall." His quick wit and charismatic personality earned him a loyal following. Wall won two consecutive Ontario Cable Awards for his off-beat reporting.


After his run on Cable 10, Wall agreed to host and produce his own live variety show at The Tim Sims Playhouse at Second City. The format was a blend of celebrity interviews, comedy sketches and vintage remote segments. 


Wall created a ground breaking reality WEBTV series called "The Dream Chaser." He not only created the concept but wrote, produced and directed all of the episodes.


Dazzling international critics with his fearless performance as "The Dream Chaser," Wall's series has garnered a variety of accolades. He won top honors at The Penn State Reality TV Festival and was named Most Innovative RealityTV Concept by Eye Magazine in Toronto. The project caught the eye of Cineplex-Odeon, and was screened at The Carlton Cinemas. He Produced a one-off TV Special with Mayor David Miller.

In recent years, Wall has kept busy producing factual content, medical marketing videos and commercials for his own production company. He has also free-lanced for several other domestic and international productions. In 2015, Wall started doing motivational speaking, engaging audiences with his own mix of humour and inspiration.  

In 2014, Wall was hired by Index Media in Toronto, to host Jewish Review TV. During his three years as host, he interviewed some of the most distinguished people in the Jewish world. 

His tireless work ethic and gift to see wide outside-the-box, makes Wall one Canada's top performers and top producers. 


Ontario Cable Award

1993 Best Youth Host - RogersTV



In 2001, Wall won his first of two Ontario Cable Awards for his work as host and reporter on Word, Cable 10's Youth Magazine. Wall's regular segment called Off the Wall quickly became the most popular part of the 30-minute weekly show. Regional TV viewers took to Wall's brash, fearless, in-your-face style. Unlike the other segments on the show, Wall had no writers or

collaborators.  It was just him and his microphone - live on the streets of the city. Steven Kerzner, who was producing Ed the Sock and Wall's show at the same time, was a tireless champion of the irreverent, quick witted comedian. "I knew right away that the best strategy to get the most out of Wall, was to just turn him loose on the city streets and let him improvise.  Wall's man-on-the-street segment  was actually something he started doing on his high school talk show, man years prior. 




Humanity in Humour



In 2014, in the midst of his debilitating emotional crises, Ieden Wall mounted a one-man comedy/motivation show called "48 Hours in the Loony Bin." The show earned the quirky comic rave reviews from critics and won him a Humanity in Humour Award from Yuk Yuk's Impresario Mark Breslin.  During the 60 minute show, Wall speaks about his unexpected 48 hour visit to a Canadian hospital to deal with his anxiety. The show was praised for its honesty, raw emotion and hilarity - in the face of crises. Now 3 years later, Wall is traveling the globe as a motivational speaker, sharing his amazing life story and preaching the importance of using humour to survive crises. 

Best Doc Short Film

2001 Best of Canada Film Festival



In 2001, Wall was invited to screen his latest installment in his Dream Chaser series at Best of Canada Film Festival. His short film called Chasing the Talk Show had the packed Bloor Cinema in hysterics. In the documentary short, Wall tries to help an aspiring talk show host named Stephanie land her own show on YTV.  Wall crashes Faywood Arts School and gets the 11 year-old girl out of school and then crashes YTV to pitch her show to TV Executive.  Before entering the TV Station, Wall commandeers two pedestrians,  to pretend to be the young girls family.  The impromptu meeting is both hysterical and touching -- in a completely twisted kinda way. Wall's win at the festival created some controversy because several competitors were complaining that Wall's short did not belong in the documentary category because of its outlandish humour. 



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